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A Software Engineer For Life

The motivation behind the Qnarre effort is our unconditional love for our children.

Quantapix, the software startup, was born as a precursor to the vicious, cruel, and simply unimaginable yet intuitively well-understood power struggle between the “elite” and the rest of us. As trained, skilled, and seasoned software entrepreneurs, we seized on the “deja vu” opportunity to systematically correct a deeply seated genuine social injustice ingrained in our Family Courts and abusing our children.

Just as documented, advanced “weaponized psychology” has been used extensively by some “trusted” professionals of our most respected institutions. These elite predators knowingly hurt and tortured our children while holding us ideological hostages for perhaps millions of dollars.

We believe, and with the following series of blogs, we attempt to publicly prove that AI, or the more humble “deep learning” technology, is not all evil nor needs to be exclusively exploitative. Despite the naive, uninformed, and irrational fears of the inexperienced, in tyrannies, the “enemy is within.” It takes the form of purposeful ambiguities, never-communicated contradictions, and intrinsic inconsistencies.

Our dream, along with the concrete, informed steps we continue to take to approach it, is to devise a formalized axiomatic AI-based software to actively protect our American-born children from greedy professional torturing and forceful separation and isolation. Family Court-mandated, and even directly ordered, institutionalized parental alienation, while paying astronomical profits to the “trusted” elite, is nothing but ruthless child abuse.

More to come here.